Gutted Souls - Unconscious Automaton

Gutted Souls - Unconscious Automaton
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terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Review by Holy Hell Webzine

This one is long overdue, hailing from Rio de Janeiro Gutted Souls and their 2012 E.P.(Unconscious Automaton) displays some of the most brutal,and original deathmetal in quite some time!
Dancing to the Sound of the Powers that be... starts this carve and hack routine... killer riffing, fast time changes, and brutal vocals, very death yet controlled style of this type..killer track.
Psychopathic Ruler violently stabs through once again displaying some hellish riffing, killer single foot smashing, and brutal breakdowns and well thought out formulas..the Undying Stars (my favorite track) is pure fucking deathmetal..this far into their world they have your soul, and riffing, fast fucking grind and killer vocals rip through and killing any one in it's way, ending this brutal murder. Words of Hate is classic death, there is alot of talent in this band, and there is no doubt in my mind, that they are on there way to bigger things to come, write this band, merch is available, this E.P. fucking kills.
Holyhell - 2012

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